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Identity Access Management

Identity Management, Identity Governance, Privileged Account Management

App Development - Internal & External

Internal tools and Shippable App development - Quick as No Code, Integrated as Code







Our Partners

We have partnered with the best of the breed vendors in Identity Management space. Here is the showcase of these vendors with the top notch, high quality products.

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Our Services

You can leverage our expertise and experience in many ways.

Below are a few help areas where you can get great advice, augment your team in the time of need and get great value by hiring us.

  • Information Security:
    Identity and Access Management,including Identity Workflow, Single Sign On, Privileged Account Management(PAM), Identity Federation with Partners (SAML, OAUTH), Identity Governance and Policy Enforcement.
  • Web and Mobile App Development:
    External app for your customers or Internal app for your team members, you can trust us to do it from drawing board to final deployment.
  • Data Virtualization:
    Are you facing a problem of sensitive Personal Identity Information (PII) leaking out from your production environment into non-production environment?
    Most companies do.
    We can help you deploy and setup a data virtualization system to redact sensitive information and save storage duplication and unnecessary data copying. Contact us for initial consultation about how you can save money and be compliant with various privacy regulations.

Our Expertise

Identity Access Management and Governance


We bring you a long experience in doing greenfield Okta projects, working on existing Okta deployment and providing custom development for Okta interfaces.


Privileged Access Management solution for heterogeneous IT environment. We can help you achieve than and prevent intruders gaining root access to critical systems.


Understand access within the organization accurately and get reports to prove it. Achieve 360-degree Identity Governance enforcement and compliance.

Software Development

Internal Tools

You need internal apps and tools developed fast. Leverage our expertise in NoCode, React and Flutter technologies to get there quickly and inexpensively.

Customer Facing Apps

Most organizations need and benefit from customer facing Web and Mobile apps. If it is not your core business, consider off-loading it to our engineers with app dev experience.

Full Stack

We are well-versed in front-end and back-end techlogies such as React, React-Native, NextJS, Typescript, NodeJS, Rust, Flutter, Microservices and Kubernetes deployments.

A Little Bit About Us

We have been helping our clients achieve their goals for more than 15 years. Our focus is on ensuring our clients' success and protecting them from costly mistakes and wrong paths. Our efforts are to zero in boringly smooth completion of the projects entrusted to us.

  • Our team has education from the top-notch institutes.
  • Our team has completed numerous projects successfully.
  • We listen.
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